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A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada
Hymnal Part 4

Serve The LORD With Gladness
Come Before His Presence With Singing
No. 151 Hold the fort Jesus signals still.
No. 152 O Lord, Thou Judge Shall not He see Who formed the eye?
No. 153 O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness Because Thy foes forget Thy law.
No. 154 O Lord, be Thou my Helper True From truth and wisdom men depart.
No. 155 Be still, my soul The Lord is on thy side.
No. 156 Help, Lord, for those who love Thee fail False gratitude and treacherous thanks.
No. 157 If God Himself be for me Without Him, all that pleases is valueless on earth.
No. 158 We Sing the Glorious Conquest O light that pierced and blinded The zealot in his wrath.
No. 159 Blest the Man that Fears Jehovah By thy toil thou shalt be prospered.
No. 160 Happy the Home when God is there Where parents love the sacred Word.
No. 161 Do ye, O Men, Speak Righteousness? Nay, in your hearts is wickedness.
No. 162 I am trusting Thee Trusting only Thee.
No. 163 O God, No Longer Hold Thy Peace Against Thine own, whom Thou dost love.
No. 164 As Birds their Infant Brood Protect Her name is called, “The Lord is there.”
No. 165 Thy Church has Waited Long Wilt Thou not judge Thy suffering church.
No. 166 That Cause Can Never Be Lost Nor Stayed Which takes the course of what God has made.
No. 167 Thy Hand, O God, has Guided Thy wondrous truth is written.
No. 168 For the Beauty of the earth Lord of all, to Thee we raise.
No. 169 The Hand Writing on the wall At the feast of Belshazzar and a thousand of his lords.
No. 170 I Dreamed that the Great Judgment morning Had dawned, and the trumpet had blown.
No. 171 Why doth the Lord stand off so far? They put Thy judgments from their sight.
No. 172 Jesus, High in Glory Lend a listening ear.
No. 173 Lord, on Thy Returning Day We would pray as those who stand.
No. 174 Christian, seek not yet repose Gird thy heavenly armor on.
No. 175 Yield not to Temptation Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue.
No. 176 Let Israel, home returning And bind Thy church to Thee.
No. 177 Let little Children come to Me On Sabbath days must sing His praise.
No. 178 Can a little Child like me Thank the Father fittingly?
No. 179 There were twelve Disciples He has called us, too.
No. 180 There is sunshine in my soul today More glorious and bright.
No. 181 Conflicting Feelings But Jesus has His promise passed.
No. 182 In Thy Great Name, O LORD, we come Teach us to pray, and praise, and hear.
No. 183 On the Good and Faithful When they call He sends them blessings from above.
No. 184 Let the Seventh Angel Sound on High Let shouts be heard through all the sky.
No. 185 My Faith, It Is An Oaken Staff O make me what Thou ever art.
No. 186 Shall Atheists Dare Insult The Word This but confirms His truth the more.
No. 187 One Holy Church of God The truth is her prophetic gift.
No. 188 Moment by Moment Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.
No. 189 With Broken and Contrite Heart With deep and conscious guilt oppressed.
No. 190 How Pleased and Blest was I We haste to Zion’s hill.
No. 191 Take me, O My Father, take me Weary come I now, and praying.
No. 192 The King’s Business This is the message that I bring.
No. 193 Thine Holy Days, my God, restore I cannot live without Thy light.
No. 194 Lord, Like The Publican I Stand But Thou, O God, in mercy great.
No. 195 Another Six Days’ Work is Done Another Sabbath is begun.
No. 196 The Dawn of God’s Dear Sabbath It comes as cooling showers.
No. 197 Creator Spirit, by Whose aid The world’s foundations first were laid.
No. 198 Hail! Sacred Day of Earthly Rest That Thou, Thy Sabbath, hast given.
No. 199 This is the Day of Light Bid Thou the blasts of discord cease.
No. 200 None but Christ None other Name for me!

In the Son’s Name - For the Father’s Glory

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada