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Text Based On Romans Chapter 1 (KJV)
Who knowing the judgment of God,
that they which commit such things
are worthy of death,

(Public Domain)
Words: The Psalter, 1912.
Music: Carl Reissiger: 1798-1859
Beloit (L.M.) v12/Eb


1 O Lord, Thou Judge of all the earth,
To Whom all vengeance doth belong,
Arise and show Thy glory forth,
Requite the proud, condemn the wrong.

2 How long, O Lord, in boastful pride
Shall wicked men triumphant stand?
How long shall they afflict Thy saints
And scorn Thy wrath, Thy dreadful hand?

3 The widow and the fatherless
They slay, and helpless strangers smite;
The faithful God they do not fear,
They say the Lord will not requite.

4 Be wise, ye fools and brutish men;
Shall not He see Who formed the eye?
Shall not He hear Who formed the ear,
And judge, Who reigneth, God most high?

5 The Lord will judge in righteousness,
From Him all truth and knowledge flow;
The foolish thoughts of wicked men,
How vain they are the Lord doth know.

6 That man is blest whom Thou, O Lord,
With chastening hand dost teach Thy will,
For in the day when sinners fall
That man in peace abideth still.

7 The Lord will not cast off His own,
Nor His inheritance forsake;
Just judgment shall at length prevail,
And upright hearts shall courage take

8 Who will arise for my defense
Against the wicked in the land?
Against iniquity and wrong
What man for me will valiant stand?

9 Unless the Lord had been my Help,
My life had quickly passed away;
But when my foot had almost slipped,
O Lord, Thy mercy was my stay.

10 Amid the doubts that fill my mind
Thy comforts, Lord, bring joy to me;
Can wickedness, though throned in might,
Have fellowship, O Lord, with Thee?

11 The wicked, in their might arrayed,
Against the righteous join their power,
But to the Lord I flee for help,
He is my Refuge and my Tower.

12 Our God, the Refuge of His saints;
Will fight against iniquity;
Avenger of the innocent
The Lord omnipotent will be.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada