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Text Based On Acts Chapter 7 (KJV)
This is he, that was in the church
in the wilderness with the angel which
spake to him in the mount Sina, and
with our fathers: who received the
lively oracles to give unto us:

(Public Domain)
Words: Samuel Longfellow: 1819-1892
Music: Ralph Courteville: 1697-1772
St. James (C.M.) v4/Ab


1 One holy Church of God appears
Through every age and race,
Unwasted by the lapse of years,
Unchanged by changing place.

2 From oldest time, on farthest shores,
Beneath the pine or palm,
One unseen Presence she adores,
With silence, or with psalm.

3 The truth is her prophetic gift,
The soul her sacred page;
And feet on mercy’s errands swift
Do make her pilgrimage.

4 O living Church, thine errand speed,
Fulfill thy task sublime;
With Bread of life earth’s hungers feed;
Redeem the evil time!

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada