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Text Based On 2 Peter Chapter 1 (KJV)
For the which cause I also
suffer these things: nevertheless
I am not ashamed: for I know whom
I have believed, and am persuaded
that he is able to keep that which I
have committed unto him against that day.

(Public Domain)
Words: Frances R. Havergal: 1836-1879
Music: Ethelbert W. Bullinger: 1837-1913
Bullinger (85.83.) v5/Ab


1 I am trusting Thee, Lord, Jesus,
Trusting only Thee;
Trusting Thee for full salvation,
Great and free.

2 I am trusting Thee for pardon;
At Thy feet I bow;
For Thy grace and tender mercy,
Trusting now.

3 I am trusting Thee for cleansing
In the crimson flood;
Trusting Thee to make me holy
By Thy blood.

4 I am trusting Thee to guide me;
Thou alone shalt lead;
Every day and hour supplying
All my need.

5 I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus;
Never let me fall;
I am trusting Thee forever,
And for all.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada