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Text Based On Luke Chapter 4 (KJV)
And he came to Nazareth, where
he had been brought up: and, as
his custom was, he went into the
synagogue on the sabbath day,
and stood up for to read.

(Public Domain)
Words: Thomas T. Lynch: 1818-1871
Music: Richard Redhead: 1820-1901
Petra (77.77.77.) v4/Eb


1 Lord, on Thy returning day,
From common labour freed,
We are come to sing and pray
With felt returning need:
Come to seek our former rest,
Come to urge our old request.

2 Show us, Lord, the goal of life,
And give us heart to run;
Breathe the peace that follows strife,
Lest future work we shun:
Hearts that hasty time has grieved
Are by the Sabbath calm relieved.

3 We would sing as in the rays
Of mercy ever bright,
Which endureth, to Thy praise,
Forever Thy delight:
Sing for happiness we know,
Or that we may happy grow.

4 We would pray as those who stand
Their truest Friend beside,
Whom He takes as by the hand,
Unto their God to guide;
By His power, and for His sake,
Fully us Thy children make.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada