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Text Based On Psalms Chapter 74 (KJV)
Arise, O God, plead thine own cause:
remember how the foolish man
reproacheth thee daily.

(Public Domain)
Words: Isaac Watts: 1674-1748
Music: Jeremiah Clark: 1659-1707
Bishopthorpe (C.M.) v8/E


1 Why doth the Lord stand off so far?
And why conceal His face,
When great calamities appear,
And times of deep distress?

2 Lord, shall the wicked still deride
Thy justice and Thy power?
Shall they advance their heads in pride,
And still Thy saints devour?

3 They put Thy judgments from their sight,
And then insult the poor;
They boast in their exalted height,
That they shall fall no more.

4 Arise, O God, lift up Thine hand,
Attend our humble cry;
No enemy shall dare to stand
When God ascends on high.

5 Why do the men of malice rage,
And say, with foolish pride,
“The God of Heav’n will ne’er engage
To fight on Zion’s side?”

6 But Thou forever art our Lord;
And powerful is Thine hand,
As when the heathens felt Thy sword,
And perished from Thy land.

7 Thou wilt prepare our hearts to pray,
And cause Thine ear to hear;
He hearkens what His children say,
And puts the world in fear.

8 Proud tyrants shall no more oppress,
No more despise the just;
And mighty sinners shall confess
They are but earth and dust.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada