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Text Based On Leviticus Chapter 23 (KJV)
Six days shall work be done:
but the seventh day is the
sabbath of rest, an holy convocation;

(Public Domain)
Words: Ada C. Cross: 1844-1926
Music: John P. Hullah: 1812-1884
Bentley (76.76.D.) v4/C


1 The dawn of God’s dear Sabbath
Breaks o’er the earth again,
As some sweet summer morning
After a night of pain;
It comes as cooling showers
To some exhausted land,
As shade of clustered palm trees
’Mid weary wastes of sand.

2 And, we would bring our burden
Of sinful thought and deed,
In Thy pure presence kneeling,
From bondage to be freed;
Our heart’s most bitter sorrow
For all Thy work undone;
So many talents wasted!
So few bright laurels won!

3 And with that sorrow mingling,
A steadfast faith, and sure,
And love so deep and fervent,
That tries to make it pure;
In His dear presence finding
The pardon that we need;
And then the peace so lasting,
Celestial peace indeed!

4 So be it, Lord, forever;
O may we evermore
In Jesus’ holy presence
His blessèd Name adore,
Upon His peaceful Sabbath,
Within His temple walls—
Type of the stainless worship
In Zion’s golden halls.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada