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Text Based On Matthew Chapter 18 (KJV)
And Jesus called a little child unto him,
and set him in the midst of them,

(Public Domain)
Words: Mary M. Dodge: 1831-1905
Music: English Traditional Melody
England`s Lane (77.77.77) v4/Bb


1 Can a little child like me
Thank the Father fittingly?
Yes, oh yes! be good and true,
Faithful, kind, in all you do;
Love the Lord, and do your part;
Learn to do with all your heart.

2 For the fruit upon the tree
For the birds that sing of Thee,
For the earth in beauty dressed,
Father, mother, and the rest,
For Thy precious, loving care,
For Thy bounty everywhere.

3 For the sunshine warm and bright,
For the day and for the night,
For the lessons of our youth -
Honour, gratitude and truth,
For the love that met us here,
For the home and for the cheer.

4 For our comrades and our plays,
And our happy holy days,
For the joyful work and true
That a little child might do,
For our lives but just begun,
For the great gift of Thy Son.

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada