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Text Based On Psalm Chapter 31 (KJV)
Bow down thine ear to me;
deliver me speedily: be thou
my strong rock, for an house
of defence to save me.

(Public Domain)
Words: Harriet B. McKeever: 1807-1887
Music: Timothy R. Matthews: 1826-1910
North Coates (65.65.) v6/G


1 Jesus, high in glory,
Lend a listening ear;
When we bow before Thee,
Children’s praises hear.

2 Though Thou art so holy,
Heav’n’s almighty King,
Thou wilt stoop to listen
When Thy praise we sing.

3 We are little children,
Weak and apt to stray;
Saviour, guide and keep us
In the heav’nly way.

4 Save us, Lord, from sinning;
Watch us day by day;
Help us now to love Thee;
Take our sins away.

5 Strengthen us for duty,
While on earth we live;
May we to Thy service
Our best talents give.

6 Then when Jesus calls us
To His kingdoms home,
We will gladly answer,
“Saviour, Lord, we come.”

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada