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Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith...
No. Title Description
01 Yahweh's Enemies Who Are They?
02 In God's Image Yeshua The Messiah
03 The Gift of Tongues Can You Recognize The Counterfeit?
04 The Two Witnesses Who Are They?
05 Belshazzar's Banquet Is Being Repeated
06 The Gospel of Salvation Do You Believe It?
07 No King In Israel Doing What Is Right In Your Own Eyes!
08 Contentment Have You Found It Yet?
09 Psalm 8...What Is Man? An Intelligent Ape or Son of God?
10 The Ten Virgins Who Do They Represent?
11 Gideon Mighty Man of Valour
12 Learn To Know How To Study The Scriptures

Module 11       Module 13

In the Son’s Name — For the Father’s Glory

Elder: Max W. Mader

A Voice In The Wilderness - Canada